Meet The Staff

Blaine Poe
Stretch Pro

Hi, my name is Blaine Poe.

Natural healing and living are my passion! I believe that living a balanced life is a big key for happiness and health. Some of the ways I work towards that balance is by practicing traditional arts, maintaining a clean diet through energy practices and the use of natural remedies for healing.

Like many others, I have experienced my share of debilitation pain and understand the need for freedom from that pain and freedom towards greater health and mobility.

Come see us here, at StretchWORX! We can help you live your best life!

David Joseph Carter
Stretch Pro

My name is David Joseph Carter but everyone around here just calls me Dj. I am currently a Senior Exercise Science major at Hardin-Simmons University and I am planning to start my next journey at Hardin-Simmons Doctor of Physical Therapy program next fall. I grew up in a small town right outside of Fort Worth called Benbrook. My passion is to help people who are trying to get back to the self they once were, before injuries, life, or anything got in the way of their goals. In my spare time I love cheering on my Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks or to spend time with my amazing fiancé. Come see me and we'll get you stretchy in no time

Stretch Pro

Hi! My name is Janell, and I am originally from Sweetwater, TX. I served in the greatest U.S. Air Force and served 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I love all kinds of sports and in my spare time I enjoy my family, softball, basketball and golf. I enjoy helping others and I look forward to working with our clients here at Stretchworx.

Rachel Crismore
Stretch Pro

Hi, my name is Rachel Crismore!
I am a senior kinesiology major in the pre-occupational therapy program at ACU. I have always been sports oriented. I played volleyball and basketball in high school and continued my volleyball career into college when I became a member of the ACU volleyball program. Along with sports, helping people is a passion of mine so I am excited for the opportunity to do that and get to know the Abilene community here at StretchWORX!!

Kirk House
Stretch Pro

I have always found myself involved in health and wellness. From being an athletic trainer in college, to a nationally qualified physique competitor and a personal trainer/group fitness instructor. I believe that my love for people and my desire to see them happy, healthy and prosperous will always keep me in this field, in some shape or form. I believe that our Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical health are key components that must be a priority in each of our lives. Here at StretchWORX, I get to help and partner alongside you, to do that exact thing. Let's renew and restore your body. Let's restore that range of motion, let's relieve those aches and pains caused by those tight muscles. It starts from the inside out... So come on in!!
Side Note: Don't be surprised if I sing you your favorite song in the middle of your stretch!

Quentin Walker
Stretch Pro

Health is something I enjoy having very much and helping others to have as well. After a severe work injury that went untreated for several years, due to a lack of knowledge & funds, I began a conscious journey of Self+Healing. On the journey Self+Healing I have learned, even more, the necessity of maintaining one's body through excellent spiritual and physical practices. The practice of meditation has been of great benefit to my Spiritual Health; whilst, the practice of stretching has greatly benefited my Physical Health. Another thing I learned is, "Happy Mind, Happy Body; Happy Body, Happy Mind."

I hope to be a benefit to all here at StretchWORX & beyond.

Auston Gray
Stretch Pro

My name is Auston Gray and I joined StretchWorx in order to gain more knowledge over the body and its anatomy. I am very personable and friendly and I really enjoy helping others and taking away the pain that people feel on a day to day basis. My goal is to become a chiropractor and help even more people by creating a community.