Frequently Asked Questions

What is StretchWORX?

StretchWORX is one-on-one and group, therapeutic stretching. The stretch pros will guide you through a series of therapeutic stretches to help you achieve a greater level of wellness. Therapeutic stretching has been proven to increase blood flow and mobility while decreasing pain.

Does StretchWORX use any equipment?

During the stretch, your stretch pro may use a foam roller, adjustable belt, pad, or a deep muscle massage tool. These tools are designed to help you feel better and move better by relieving tension and soreness.

StretchWORX also uses a digital assessment program to assist in customizing your stretch.

What are the health benefits of StretchWORX?

Stretching has many health benefits including decreased pain, improved posture and increased mobility. Stretching can also decrease back pain, prevent injury and increase performance to keep you flexible, strong and healthy throughout your life.

Who can benefit from Stretchworx?

Anyone can benefit from therapeutic stretching including those who are younger, older and all ages in between. Many activities can cause pain and stiffness including working in the same position for long periods, being on your feet constantly and even traveling.

Will I be sore after my stretch?

It is possible to be sore after, but not typical. Your stretch pro will ask you to communicate how you feel and will always be sensitive to your comfort level, throughout every stretch.

How do I find the right stretch for me?

We offer a first time, free stretch. Your stretch pro will complete a short assessment followed by a full body stretch. To get the First Time Stretch discount, sign up for a Basic 1 Hour Stretch and enter the coupon code STRETCHWORX (Valid only one per user).

Do the stretch pros accept tips?

We offer the ability to add a tip on any services. You can add an amount at the time of booking or after the appointment is over.

Can I enjoy therapeutic stretching if I am pregnant?

Yes! The stretch session will be adapted to your specific needs throughout your pregnancy.